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The Cromford Report ...

is owned and produced by Cromford Associates LLC, an Arizona limited liability company managed by Mike Orr and based in Mesa AZ.

Mike holds a masters degree in Mathematics from the University of Oxford in England and spent 31 years in the computer industry, working for IBM, Amdahl, Splash Technology and the Santa Cruz Operation. In his most recent positions he was President of Tarantella and CEO of Mobilearia.

He first started investing in real estate in 1976 and left the computer industry to focus on real estate in 2002.


The Cromford® Report provides detailed information to track the history and current status of the Greater Phoenix residential resale market and offers unique insight into its future direction.

Updated daily and usually published online within a few hours, this site is intended for anyone interested in the state of the market and how it affects their investments and livelihood. Our goal is to present data that is timely, informative and easy to understand - data not available anywhere else in this level of detail or immediacy.

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November 15 - We have added 2 new versions of our dashboards:

  • Listing Presentation Dashboard - with square foot filter replacing the list price filter
  • Market Conditions Dashboard - with square foot filter replacing the list price filter

These can be very useful in explaining the state of the market. Using square foot to narrow the study has the advantage of using something that does not change much for a specific house. List prices are moving up so fast at the moment that price ranges become a moving target. However we have kept the old versions of the dashboard so you can still use the price filter if you wish to.

November 14 - The majority of the city snapshots are now re-engineered using Squirrel. The 17 largest cities and the 11 smallest are complete. The remaining 12 secondary cities will be converted shortly.

October 28 - A new monster Powerpoint is now available in the download section of the web site. So large we had to split it into 3 sections. See here.

October 24 - Butch Leiber has posted 3 new training videos to the Cromford Report channel on YouTube

  1. New supply and demand charts
  2. Closings over List Price
  3. Appreciation

Butch does a brilliant job of explaining these topics in simple terms so you can explain them to your clients. I encourage you to watch these short videos to get the most out of our newest developments.

October 22 - Upcoming dates for Tina's presentations via Zoom:

  • Thu, Nov 5 - 10am - Market Update - Charissa McCarron of First American Title
  • Wed, Nov 18 - 2pm - West Valley TAU - Old Republic Title & caliber Mortgage
  • Fri, Dec 11 - 11am - West USA Meeting - sponsored by First American Title - Charissa McCarron
  • Wed, Dec 16 - 2pm - West Valley TAU - Old Republic Title and Caliber Mortgage

September 23 - Apple released Safari 14 last week. This browser no longer provides any support for Adobe Flash. We will convert all of our Adobe Flash charts and tables by December 31, 2020, but in the meantime, if you wish to access the Cromford Report, we recommend that you do NOT attempt to use Safari 14 to do so. Use an earlier version of Safari, or use Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge. We understand that all other browsers are sticking to the announced end-of-life date for Flash of December 31, 2020, but Apple has unilaterally jumped the gun, and there is nothing we can do to fix this problem..

Left to right:

  • Asel Nelson, Tina Tamboer, Mike Orr, Sophie Orr

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The Cromford® Report is designed to help you answer your questions about the Greater Phoenix residential real estate market. For example:

  • How does today's market compare with the same time last year?
  • Which price range is selling fastest over the last month?
  • Which is the cheapest area to buy a resale home?
  • How long is it taking to sell a home in my ZIP code?
  • What is the balance of supply and demand for resale homes in my city?
  • What proportion of homes for sale are short sales or pre-foreclosures?
  • Where are prices changing fastest?
  • What percentage of listings are finding a buyer before they are canceled or expire?
  • Are today's list prices realistic compared with achieved sales prices?

You can find tools to help you answer all the above questions, and many more, within the Cromford® Report web-site.