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The Cromford Report ...

is owned and produced by Cromford Associates LLC, an Arizona limited liability company managed by Mike Orr and based in Mesa AZ.

Mike holds a masters degree in Mathematics from the University of Oxford in England and spent 31 years in the computer industry, working for IBM, Amdahl, Splash Technology and the Santa Cruz Operation. In his most recent positions he was President of Tarantella and CEO of Mobilearia.

He first started investing in real estate in 1976 and left the computer industry to focus on real estate in 2002.


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From January 1, 2017 anyone can subscribe to Cromford® Public. This allows you to access our Tableau charts which use only public record data.

An annual subscription for 1 person costs $240. This allows you to use our Cromford Public charts as an individual. Our copyright means you must not share the complete charts with others, but you may extract individual data points from them for inclusion in a report you publish. Please provide attribution to Cromford Public as the source if you do this.

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